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Editorial policy

Radio for the whole family – Pelagonija in the palm of your hand is the mission of the team of Radio Pela. Objectivity, respect for journalistic standards, and raising contact with the audience at a higher level, using digital tools for professional information. These are the most important things for the team of Radio Pela, a medium that works in a rural environment, from the heart of Pelagonija. Radio Pela is an information-music radio, which follows the digital trends with content for online connection with the audience, through the portal www.radıopela.mk, Facebook and You Tube.

Highly professional journalism, a combination of three media from a single editorial staff of a highly professional journalistic and technical team is a key driver of content tailored to online use that is credible for timely access to key audience information.

Radio Pela is a medium for the digital age, combined with an analog technique for citizens who are unable to follow modern trends. The media provides objective and consistent news by combining text, video and audio while respecting the following principles:

  1. Radio Pela practices independent editorial policy, with maximum commitment to the realization of news based on facts, contacting stakeholders and their analysis.
  2. Radio Pella is a non-partisan and impartial medium. We provide space for all political entities to express their opinion on our media, while taking care that the information does not violate the values of our editorial policy.
  3. Transparency is the driving force behind our work. Basically, this means that the trust gained by the audience is maintained at the highest level, through greater availability of the medium on social networks.
  4. The team of Radio Pela bases its news, conversations and analysis by presenting the facts and contacting the stakeholders. The journalistic contents are in accordance with the Code of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia as well as in accordance with the decisions and recommendations of the Council for Media Ethics in Macedonia (CEMM).
  5. Radio Pela upgrades the editorial policy in accordance with the changes in the media business and especially in the part of social media that is constantly experiencing changes.

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